What Is The Dark and Deep Web

The dark and deep web is always mysterious to us. Most of us seem to be really interested to know about this. There are lots of interesting facts about the dark and deep web. Today we will be talking about those. But what is the dark and deep web actually? Let’s know all of these to understand.

The dark web deep web and surface web

There are three parts of the web. Surface web, deep web and the dark web. We all are familiar with surface web because this is what we use. Sites on the surface web are indexed by google and can be found using search engines. It represents only around 4% of the total content available on the internet. Then where are the rest? Well the rest being found on the deep web or dark web. Sites on the dark web are not indexed by search engines and that needs special software or browser and authorization to access. It is known to be utilized for highly illegal activity. Dark web is accessed using software or browser, known as Tor (The Onion Router). Dark web is considered a part of deep web.

The dark web deep web and surface web

Difference between the dark and deep web

The deep web contains benign sites, such as people password protected Gmail accounts and sites that can be accessed only through an email form. It is like a database. The deep web is huge. It is not totally illegal.

But the dark web is pretty small. Lots of illegal stuffs happen there. Owners of illegal websites hide their identity. Selling dope is not the only way to make money on the dark web, although some jobs are related to the illegal industry. The Dark Web is also a place for hackers to sell their services. The more sensitive information is that anyone will be comfortable being available in the Dark Web.

How does it work

In today’s time, if we have to search on Ethernet, we search on Google, but the Dark Web is completely different from it. You cannot access the dark web website easily, for this you need a separate browser and login ID and password. The most important thing to do dark web access is that nobody knows your IP address. To hide your IP address, you can use a good vpn network. Such as Nord vpn, Strong vpn, HideMYIP, Cactus vpn, Kepard vpn etc. After this, to run the dark web, you need a separate web browser called Tor Web Browser. Download it only from official website. The websites of the dark web have .onion extension.

What you need to know from the dark web

Imagine all the different types of content you find on the Internet. very right? Now think about all the content you do not want to see on the Internet, and this is a lot for the Dark Web.

Due to the anonymous nature of the Dark Web, content that people do not want to float around the regular Internet ends up on the Dark Web. The variety of ingredients drives the gamut from completely malleable to completely harmless.

For those who do not shy away from seeing things going on in their minds forever, the Dark Web provides an opportunity to browse content they will never see anywhere else. For untrained people who stumble upon this content, the experience can be scary. Such as violence, gore, crime, etc.

Parts of the dark web are for terrorist and hate groups. It should not come as any surprise that the seed of the Internet is a haven for underbelly terrorist and hate groups. The Dark Web has been in much discussion recently as the investigation revealed the fact that ISIS was using the Dark Web for recruitment and communications. They were also posting execution videos on the dark web that were not released to the public. ISIS is a fan of using TOR sites for its propaganda, as they are difficult to take down or their communications have to be tracked.

Dark Web was behind many of the recent high profile hacks and leaks.

The Dark Web contains a vast amount of corporate information that none of the world’s largest companies want to see, and skilled hackers are always on the lookout for juicy information they can reveal to the world.

In 2015, hackers in the dark web hacked the database for a site called Ashley Madison. The website was originally a dating site for those looking for cases. In the database, hackers found real-life identities of all Ashley Madison users. The hackers went public and eventually posted the database as a routine search on the Internet.

What Is The Dark and Deep Web

The Dark Web is also used to seek out victims of abuse without fear of being discovered by their abusive partners. So, the dark web is not bad after all.

Reddit has several threads devoted to questions such as “What’s the weirdest thing in the Dark Web,” and some of the answers are surprising. Users report forums and chat rooms dedicated to cannibalism, torture, and murder. There are also reports of sites that are entirely devoted to portraits of dead people or seriously scary science fiction type images.

Interesting facts about the dark web

  1. No cash or credit cards are used there. To purchase anything on the dark web you must use Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a currency.
  2. From drugs, to stolen identities or credits card to hitman services the dark web has it all. You just have to what you are looking for.
  3. Nobody knows how huge it is.
  4. You can just one click away from accidentally having a keylogger installed in your computer. By which your sensitive information and passwords will be compromised. You shouldn’t click on a wrong click there.
  5. The dark web isn’t just for criminals but there are other people using it as well, who choose to be unidentified.

But clearly people shouldn’t enter there to have fun or out of curiosity. Hope these information helped you to know about the dark and deep web. Thanks for reading. If you got other information write on the comment section.

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