Top 5 Turkish Scariest Horror Films

Like me most people love to watch horror movies. Though it is a bit hard to find a good horror films. Needless to say there are a lot of English horror movies which can be recommended. But have we tried watching some Turkish horror movies? Well some of them are really freaky. Also lots of Turkish horrors are based on true incidents which is the interesting part. I am a fan of Turkish horrors and would like to recommend some of them. Here are a list of top 5 Turkish scariest horror films to watch.

1. Siccin 3: Love (2016)

This movie is directed by Alper Mestçi. This is a story of three infant friends who are separated by a terrible accident but are reunited years later. It was not just scary but also pretty interesting.

Top 5 Turkish Scariest Horror Films

2. Dabbe: Cin Çarpması (2013)

This is a Turkish film directed by Hasan Karacadag. This is based on a true story. Well about the movie? man that was really scary to watch.

3. Siccin 2 (2015)

This horror movie is directed by Alper Mestçi. I liked this movie from the siccin franchise. Really brilliant.

4. Beddua: The Curse (2018)

This one is directed by Alper Mestçi. As usual his films are brilliant and scary to watch.

5. Cin-i-ayet (2018)

This horror film is directed by Ugur Akünlü. I really enjoyed this film which is a nice story.

Hope you enjoyed watching these. If you have some personal recommendations then write it in the comment section.

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