Top 5 Most Popular Korean Series Or K-drama Part – 1

K-drama is now renowned worldwide. It has reached the mainstream media for quite some time. Although there are cultural differences and language barriers but it doesn’t make k-dramas any less addictive or entertaining to watch. If you have watched the squid game and are interested in watching k-dramas. Then here are top 5 most popular Korean series or k-drama you should watch.

1. Boys over Flower

Boys over flower is based on shōjo manga

Hana Yori Dango. The story is about a girl who belongs to a working class family . After an incident that had gone viral, she was offered to study at the highest prestige School in the whole country. Where she meets an arrogant but filthy rich guy who test her patient every passing second. Somehow between the snarl remarks and arguments, love starts to blossom. This drama is all about friendship, love, and high school.

2. Moon Lovers

Scarlet heart breakup with her boyfriend . Go ha Jin transports herself 1000 years back, in Goryeo era after being hit by an eclipse while saving a child from drowning in the sea. Now she lives as someone else . And somehow starts getting involved with the 8  Wang prince and falls in love with one of them. It is filled with heart wrenching drama that has the power to make you laugh and cry with them.

3. Heirs

Heirs is fairly popular for it’s story and also for it’s cast and cameos. It talks about a poor girl who goes to us to live with her sister but things doesn’t end up as she thought it would.  Fortunately she ends up staying with a  rich heir of the empire group. After returning to Korea, she starts her new school and meets him again. This drama represents friendships, love, and rivalry of young heirs.

4. My Love From Another Star

This romantic comedy-drama is between an alien and a childish actress. An alien came to earth 400 years ago. And since then he has been stuck here. And now in 3 months, he will be returning to his home.  But chaos falls upon him as he meets a childish actress who has a unique sense of humor. With that all the years he spent isolating himself from humans comes to an end.

5. Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

A 940 years old goblin who is immortal with an invisible sword stuck in his chest waits for death in a form of bride , goblin bride . Only she has the power to see his invisible sword, pull it out and ends his life . A school girl who can see ghosts faithfully meets the lonely goblin and confesses to being his bride .  He waits meet his bride that can break his 900 years of curse.

This drama has everything from fantasy,  romance, bromance , melodrama , comedy and a little bit of action . This drama can certainly take you on a wonderful journey.

Thanks for reading. This is just part 1. Will be back with part 2 if you like this. Write your feedback on the comment section.