Top 10 Movies You Should Watch at Least Once

We all love watching movies. But sometimes look for suggestion. Are you also a movie lover and looking for some good suggestions? Today we will be talking about top 10 movies you should watch at least once in your life. Do not miss out.

1. Inception (2010)

The story of the film takes a place in time when humanity invented technology to go into someone’s mind through a dream. And if they’re clever and experienced enough, they can extract secrets from the subject’s subconscious mind. One of the best such thieves is Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) who is being recruited for a job by “Saito” (Ken Watanabe). What Saito wants is not an ordinary request. Instead of asking for an extraction, he demands an inception the implantation of an idea deep in the subconscious mind of the object that will bear the future results. at first, Cobb didn’t want to take the job, but Saito offer something that Cobb can’t refuse no matter how hard the job is.

This film is one of the best works of well-known director “Christopher Nolan” with an amazing cast like “Leonardo DiCaprio” “Tom Hardy” “Cillian Murphy”

This is an action-based sci-fi genre movie. And all the action sequence is so amazing and well-choreographed that won’t let your eyes blink for a bit. And the background music is by the great Hans Zimmer, which doesn’t need any review. We all know Hans and Nolan’s combo is like goosebumps.

 This film is a combination of all the great work that will blow your mind, You will never know what I am talking about until you watch it.

IMDB rating : 8.8

2. Fight Club (1999)

Fight Club is one of the most unique films of all time. The plot of the film is about Narrator Jack “Edward Norton” a office worker suffering from insomnia and testicular cancer. Who has nothing to lose in his life and he certainly has no friends and family. One day he meets Tyler Durden “Brad Pitt” in an airplane, who is a soap maker. After getting off the plane jack sees his apartment getting destroyed by a big blow of fire. Since Jack is in need of a place to live, Tyler invites him to move in, and the two share a “dilapidated house in a toxic waste part of town.” Tyler teaches Jack lessons about freedom and empowerment, and the two begin to physically fight each other as a means of release and rebirth. Soon, others find out about this unique form of therapy, and Fight Club is born – an underground organization (whose first and second rules are: “You do not talk about Fight Club”) that encourages men to beat up each other. But this is only the first step in Tyler’s complex master plan.

This is the type of movie you can enjoy again and again. With an amazing direction and superb acting and an aggressive philosophical viewpoint, this movie became a true masterpiece.

IMDB rating : 8.8

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3. The Dark Knight (2008)

The Dark Knight this film does not need any introduction. Every movie lover already watched the film. It became so popular that everyone at least heard the name of the movie or the lead antagonist joker. This is the best comic-based movie ever created. And it’s the second part of Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

The plot involves the Joker’s attempts to humiliate the forces for good and expose Batman’s secret identity, showing him to be a fraud. Joker aimed for commissioner Gordon and the city’s white knight Harvey Dent and uses cruel tricks to prove that reality can corrupt anyone. But in the end, Batman is desperate to be better than his nemesis. But after enduring horrible sacrifices This is the last film for Heath Ledger. And he will always be remembered for his work in this film.

4. The Prestige (2006)

Christopher Nolan’s “The Prestige” has everything you require in a movie about magicians. The plot takes a place in London, When a trick goes wrong because of something and one assistant had to die. After the incident the group falls apart. Two magicians from that group goes in their separate ways and engage in a battle to create the ultimate illusion while sacrificing everything they have to set out to be the best. Not only attempting to outdo each other on stage but instigating acts of physical vengeance against one another.

This is one of the finest movies by Christopher Nolan. And both lead actors Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman did a marvelous job that attract you throughout the whole movie.
IMDB rating 8.5

5. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

This is not a typical Hollywood movie. It has a great and deep message. This movie has a foundation that just kept on being built on from there, and that foundation is hope.

the story is based on two imprisoned men bonded over years in prison. Finding a way of redemption through acts of common decency. One main character Andy was a banker outside and is in prison for murder although he is innocent. this is the highest-rated movie of all time. With the IMDB score 9.3, it took place at the top of all movies

6. It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

Imagine a world where everything is the same except your existence. How their life will be without you and what will they do?

The plot of the movie is built on a guy who failed in everything and everything is gone wrong in his life. And then he doubts the meaning of his existence and he is ready to take his own life. After all of that, he goes over a bridge to jump and suicide, and then an angel is sent from Heaven to show him what life would have been like if he had never existed.

This is a must-watch movie for every broken people who are done with their life and ready to die. No movie ever made that has influenced people more than this classic. It’s a true Masterpiece. everyone should watch this movie at least once in their life. IMDB rating : 8.6

7. Forrest Gump (1994)

Forrest Gump is a masterpiece movie that won’t be forgotten and will continue to inspire throughout the generation.

As the title said this movie follows the journey of a boy name Forrest. Due to some physical disabilities, Forrest has a lower IQ than others. However, he understands everything he needs to know and feels everything like love. Forrest was sent to the Vietnam war and came back to be a war hero with the loss of his lags. And you have to watch the movie to see how he leads his life after that and how he raises again.

This movie just keep gets better the further along you got into the movie with the outstanding storyline. This movie has won six Oscars in different categories and is held to be the best movie of the year. IMDB rating : 8.8

8. The Usual Suspects (1995)

This is the kind of film that needs to be viewed multiple times in order to fully appreciate it, The Usual Suspects is an unassuming intelligent film.
The plot follows the interrogation of 2 survive of a massacre two survivors of a massacre and fire on a ship docked at the Port of Los Angeles. Through flashback and narration, one of the survivors Kint tells an interrogator a convoluted story of events that led him and his criminal companions to the boat. This movie is all about finding out what really happened on that ship and how is the one behind the massacre.
IMDB rating : 8.5

9. Interstellar (2014)

Brilliant film. It’s an action, adventure film based on Sci-Fi. And also, this is the 4th film by Christopher Nolan that included in this list. It’s a contemplative adventure and an emotional exploration that captivated the audience from its opening moments.
It’s probably around 2050. The world has fallen victim to famine caused by overpopulation and that is killing crops and creating massive dust storms. With nitrogen on the rise in the atmosphere, total asphyxiation is the inevitable apocalypse. And humanity is nearly doomed. Lead character Cooper is a former NASA engineer and test pilot who is currently farming corn with his family to live and meets his former employer in an underground tank dedicated to saving the human race to find out a suitable planet for humankind.

This is one of the best Sci-Fi films ever made. Watch the film to find out what happened next and how they save humankind. IMDB rating 8.6

10. Memento (2000)

This film is an unforgettable trip into the mind of a man with no memory that will Mind Blowing. This film has influence all over the world film industry.

The plot of the movie is about a man suffering from a short-term memory loss problem and trying to track down the rapist and murderer of his wife. Although he can recall some details of his life before the accident, he cannot remember what happened fifteen minutes ago, where he is going, or why.

This is a highly intelligent and original brain teaser that will have you guessing from beginning to end, and even afterward. And this is the 5th film by Nolan included in this particular list.
IMDB rating : 8.4

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