Top 10 Brain-Twisting Movies You Should Watch

Mind-twisting or brain-twisting movies are really fun to watch. These are the type of movies where we don’t know what is real, what is dream or what’s not. Where we don’t know what is happening in the beginning. Still we keep watching because we want to know and we are enjoying. This feels like mystery. If you like these type of films then this article is for you. There are lots of movies like that and these are interesting. Here are top 10 brain-twisting movies you should watch. Don’t miss out the fun.

1. Mulholland Drive (2001)

Also called Mulholland Dr, is a neo-noir mystery thriller film. It is directed by David Lynch with great cast like Naomi Watts and Laura Harring.

This movie is about two women one is longing to be a star and the other is searching for herself. Both of their world will collide. Much more than being a simple “it was all a dream” twist, the film’s dual nature offers us insight into the relationship between fantasy and fiction. The performances are great, the lighting is overdone, and the story is filled with overused tropes and cliches. This movie will definitely blow your mind.

2. Stay (2005)

Stay is a psychological thriller film directed by Marc Forster. This film is about a psychiatrist Sam and an art student Henry Lethem. Henry wants to kill himself, unless psychologist Sam can save him. But when Sam meets this disturbed young man, he finds he is losing his own grip on reality. Also can’t understand the difference between reality and dream.

This is such a beautiful, haunting film you should watch.

3. The Machinist (2004)

Trevor, an industrial worker who hasn’t slept for years begins to experience unusual occurrences at work and home. Starts hallucinating a strange man follows him wherever he goes.

The machinist is psychological thriller film directed by Brad Anderson. Really a well performed mind blowing film. If you watch it you won’t regret.

4. Lost Highway (1997)

Lost highway is a neo-noir film directed by David Lynch. This movie is Lynch masterpiece, beautifully cinematographic and editing. Lost highway is surreal journey into dante like inferno told by the master of 90’s surrealism, David Lynch. This movie is an esoteric threshold experience.

5. Shutter Island (2010)

Shutter island is a 2010 neo-noir psychological thriller film by Martin Scorcese. This is an eerie and baffling experience. Shutter island was set on a desolate island. This is a must watch.

6. Coherence (2013)

Besides being a science fiction thriller film, coherence is a really creepy movie. This is more of a horror film than a suspense film.

This is a 2013 American film directed by James Ward Byrkit. Is a fun, creepy mind-blowing film. Also the actors did a good job and had a nice chemistry.

7. Triangle (2009)

Triangle is a 2009 psychological horror film by Christopher Smith. This is good movie with great storyline which is worth watching for a second time.

8. Mr Nobody (2009)

This is a science fiction drama film by Jaco Van Dormael. Mr nobody is about a nine year old boy who leaves life to chance comes to a dilemma. This film will show you a endless possibilities in life and that anything could have happened and everything would have been okay. This will really blow your mind. Just watch it you won’t regret.

9. The Illusionist (2006)

The illusionist is a 2006 mystery film directed by Neil Burger with great cast like Edward Norton and Jessica Biel. This is such an amazing movie and worth watching. Also intelligently written and well performed. An absolute classic with a brilliant storyline.

10. Source Code (2011)

Source code is a science fiction thriller film by Duncan Jones. With amazing cast like Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan. Well, this movie is kind of like a dark imagination, supplying us with alternate timelines, occurrences repeating themselves over and over again, leaving us questioning which one of them was real, and which one was imagination.

Thanks for reading. If you have other suggestions which I missed write on the comment section.

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