Everything You Need to Know About Torrent

If you are using internet to download files like movies, series, software, and other files then you might already be familiar with torrents or at least heard about them. Read this article to find out everything you need to know about Torrent and how it works.

What Is Torrent?

Torrent is a most popular file sharing and distributing system, that allows sharing file without putting it in any server computer.Torrent is popular for high-speed downloading systems. Torrents operate with (peer to peer) or P2P protocol, in simple words, person-to-person protocol. If you have a file in your computer and you wants to share that file with your friends what will you do? Copy that file in a pendrive and hand over the pendrive to your friends right? Torrent works just like that. But in order to share the file with torrent, you have to create a torrent link through a Torrent website and then other people will be able to download that file directly from your computer.

Why Is the Torrent Download Speed Higher than a Direct Download?

Imagine you have a 1 Mbps internet connection to your computer and you upload a file in torrent and I start downloading it. now that the file coming from your computer i will get the download speed based on your uploading speed. Now that i also have the same file, when 3rd person will try to download it my computer and your computer both will upload the file to the 3rd person’s computer. That means he will get 2 Mbps download speed.The more people content the file the more faster download will happen for the next downlaoder. In technical words, it is called seeding.

What You Need to Do to Download a File From Torrent ?

To get involved with torrent you need to install a torrent managing or client software on your computer. Don’t think it’s a painful or complicated process because you already using download handling software like IDM or similar software like IDM. After installing torrent software all you have to do is visit torrent websites and download any torrent you like.

Most Popular Torrent Managing Software

A lot of torrent client or torrent managing software on the internet right now. Here are 5 most popular torrent managing software you can use.

1. uTorrent
2. BitTorrent
3. qBitTorrent
4. Tixati
5. FDM

I will suggest you to use Tixati. Because it’s free and it has a really good user friendly interface. And also it looks cool than any other Torrent software out there.

Most Popular Torrent Websites

Here is a few most popular torrent website that you can use right now to download anything you want and, you can also download pirated software and tools from here.

1. YTS (for movie only)
2. Thepiratebay (Overall best for everything)
3. 1337x (Good for movie, series and music)
4. RARBG ( Great torrent site for everything)
5. Torrentz2 (Good for anime, music and other stuff)

And if you live in Bangladesh then TorrentBD and CrazyHD is recommended. Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it. Write your feedback on the comment.

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